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Friday, March 2, 2018 - Sunday, July 22, 2018

  • Friday, March 2, 2018 - Sunday, July 22, 2018

Over six hundred items from Wojciech Jama’s collection dating from 1871 until the present day, meetings with authors and publishers, lectures, film screenings, workshops, conferences – the Main Building of the National Museum in Krakow hosts the exhibition Comics Now!. The gallery of cartoon characters which have accompanied generations of Polish fans is opened by the now-forgotten protagonist of pre-war newspaper comic strips Jobless Froncek and the immortal Koziołek Matołek. Professor Filutek and his dog Filuś step down from the back cover of “Przekrój”, and we’ll be taking a peek into the studio of Papcio Chmiel where the story of Tytus, Romek and A’Tomek started sixty years ago. We’ll also visit the Slavic village of Mirmiłowo, home of Kajko and Kokosz, and join Jonek, Jonka and Kleks on a quest for a dragon’s egg and Alaskan gold, while Kudłaczek and Bąbelek take us to the soda water spring. More recent characters include the skateboarding Jeż Jerzy and Wilq battling neighbourhood crime.

This is the first time Polish comics step into the usually more serious museum salons. And it’s not just an opportunity to meet your favourite characters – you can also see how culture evolved during the last century through the prism of the medium. The exhibition opening coincides with the Kraków Comic Book Festival. (dd)

For whom: for children, for families
Other: acceptable for people with disabilities

The Main Building

al. 3 Maja 1

The central phenomena of the Polish art of the 20th century, the history of Polish weaponry and uniforms, a gallery of crafts, and a dozen major temporary exhibitions each year.

The quickly expanding collection of the National Museum, set up in 1879, soon needed space that Kraków did not have at that time. That is why the idea to erect a new building that at the same time would commemorate the many years of efforts to regain Poland’s independence was born early in the 20th century. Immediately after the end of the First World War, already in free Poland, funds for the construction of an appropriate seat began to be raised. The construction of the building by the imposing Aleje Trzech Wieszczów, staked out just two decades earlier, began in 1934. Today, the National Museum in Kraków boasts several branches, with no fewer than three permanent galleries in the Main Building alone. Deposited on the ground floor are the collections of militaria: the exhibition Arms and Uniforms in Poland presents the history of the Polish military from the Middle Ages to the Second World War. The Gallery of Decorative Arts boasts collections of fabrics, goldsmithry, glass, ceramics, furniture, musical instruments, and Judaica that let the visitor trace changes in style from the early Middle Ages to the 20th century. The Gallery of 20th-Century Polish Art presents the chronology and key tendencies in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and photography as created by the Polish artists of the previous century (gallery closed until further notice). The largest temporary exhibitions of the National Museum in Kraków are organised in specially designed halls.

Tickets to permanent galleries: normal PLN 10, concessions PLN 5, family PLN 20, admission free to permanent exhibitions on Sunday

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