Mastercard OFF CAMERA 2022

Friday, April 29, 2022 - Sunday, May 8, 2022

  • Friday, April 29, 2022 - Sunday, May 8, 2022

The Mastercard Off Camera festival has been promoting independent cinema since 2008. The 15th edition of the event is the perfect opportunity to celebrate!

Freedom at the Cinema

Justyna Skalska
Karnet – Kraków Culture

Over the last 14 years, Kraków has welcomed 265,000 filmmakers from home and abroad, and the winning directors have received prizes adding up to a whopping $3.37 million. The numbers are certainly impressive! This year, ten films compete for the Kraków Film Prize, five of which have been directed by women.

Marking the way

The main competition “Marking the Way” features Aleksandra Terpińska’s debut feature Other People – an adaptation of Dorota Masłowska’s acclaimed novel of the same title. It is a hypnotising tale of a desperate search for love at a time of loosening social bonds, lifelong debt, box diets and the ubiquity of social media, starring Jacek Beler, Sonia Bohosiewicz and Magda Koleśnik and set to a rap rhythm.

Polish cinema

The Polish Film Competition is a review of the best recent homegrown cinema, featuring protagonists struggling to achieve their dreams and bittersweet tales of roles they are attempting to escape. The programme includes Bartosz Blaschke’s Sonata based on a true story, Jakub Michalczuk’s The In-Laws with its captivating performances, Tomasz Habowski’s subtle, restrained Songs About Love and Anna Kazejak’s intriguing comedy-drama Fucking Bornholm.

Festival hits

Extreme situations, struggles for one’s beliefs, pushing the boundaries… Organisers of the 15th Mastercard Off Camera select films which have attracted attention from critics and audiences all over the globe. The sections “Panorama” and “Festival Hits” intertwine commercial potential with an independent, creative spirit.

New sections

While excessive sensitivity may turn out to be a setback, cinema loves complex protagonists. The section “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind?” features films exploring issues of mental hygiene and showing that apparent weaknesses can be turned into strengths. Films shown as part of the section “Unexpected Covenant” present unexpected alliances between protagonists who appear to have nothing in common to create a new, better world – something we all need right now.

“The Age of Innocence”, prepared with Anja Rubik’s social campaign SEXED.PL, explores today’s coming-of-age cinema by examining how the way we talk about childhood has changed and revealing some of its darker, less obvious and normative facets. Finally, “The Future is Today”, prepared jointly with the International Film Festival in Bergen, focuses on the ongoing environmental crisis and asks what we can do to halt it.

TV dramas

Boundaries between genres, customs and social roles and geographical borders are the main subjects of this year’s Player SerialCon. As usual, the special section of the 15th Mastercard Off Camera focuses exclusively on television. Between 30 April and 3 May, the festival hosts meetings with actors, filmmakers, bloggers and podcasters. Traditionally, we will also screen premieres of selected episodes on a huge screen.

Some of the festival panels will be held at Radio RMF FM’s headquarters. The titular partner of SerialCon is Poland’s most popular VOD service, The festival village will host meetings with special guests and screenings of TV dramas on a large cinema screen.

Each day of the festival closes with an alternative music concert as part of the popular section OFF STAGE.

You’ll find the full programme, all titles featured at the festival and names of participating artists on our website.

We’re rubbing our hands together – we can’t wait!

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