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Wonders and Oddities

6 July 2021

Director Jerzy Zoń talks about the ULICA programme, the opening of a new venue and the future of KTO Theatre. Justyna Skalska: The holiday season is coming, which in Kraków is always...

Meeting Marquee

24 June 2021

We talk to Julia Lorenc about surprises in the programme, the need for meetings and the voice of women. Justyna Skalska: What’s coming, what’s missing and what surprises has the...

Ocean of Events

19 May 2021

2021 has been declared to be the Year of Stanisław Lem. We talk to Szymon Kloska, curator of the Lem 2021 programme, about the forthcoming celebrations. ANNA MAZUR: How did Stanisław Lem...

Homo imaginativus

18 May 2021

We talk to Prof. Bartosz Brożek, member of the Programme Board of the Copernicus Festival. ANNA MAZUR: The theme of this year’s Copernicus Festival is imagination. What do scientists...

Safe Culture

13 May 2021

I’ll sit at the back of the cinema, l eave a gap of four seats at the theatre, head to the museum on Tuesday morning when it’s quiet... With all the devastation culture has...

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