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Something to Read

30 July 2021

The best reading spot in Planty Park used to be on the eastern side, along Straszewskiego and Podwale streets – close to the university and to Bunkier Sztuki for a coffee with friends (not any...

Eternal Light

22 July 2021

I’m not a visionary. Fortunately – says Janusz Makuch. Justyna Skalska: The leading theme of the 30th Jewish Culture Festival is fire, following on from last year’s...

Kraków Culture Summer

13 July 2021

Difficult times require bold decisions ... and it’s certainly a bold move to bring together myriad different events under a single banner and present them in Jordana Park! On the last four...

Is This Love?

12 July 2021

I look at myself and can’t quite believe it: one part of me has just done a facepalm while another is humming a cult song once sung by Maryla Rodowicz about adventures outside Kraków,...

Word in Action

9 July 2021

This year we will search for a “more capacious form” for stories of today’s world. The motto of the tenth Miłosz Festival, “Unattainable Earth”, is once again...

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