On the wings of enchanted pigeons

Means of transport

“Mum, I’m too tired to go any further…”
“OK, dear – shall we have a race to the next square?”

Children’s energy seems boundless. They just need a few minutes’ rest and their little legs are ready to run again. Join us on a trail perfect for young athletes – our guides will be the equally energetic Cracovian pigeons.

We start at the Main Market Square where all self-respecting pigeons must rest at least a dozen times each day. They are awaiting the return of Duke Henryk IV Probus (the Righteous), whose desire for the crown led him to seek support from the Pope. He was helped by a witch who enchanted his knights into pigeons; they pecked at pebbles at St Mary’s Church, which then turned into gold. But the duke squandered the fortune before he even reached Rome; he never returned to Poland, and his loyal knights in their pigeon form still await his return.  

We set off from the church along one of the less busy routes – perhaps Św. Jana or Sławkowska street – towards the Barbican, a gem of Kraków’s fortifications. It was never conquered, and its crushing of enemy forces with a single shot is the stuff of legend. Make sure you check how long it takes you to run all the way around it! Next it’s time for the Planty park. It’s perfect for a gentle stroll to enjoy the different shades of green during springtime, seek shade during summertime heatwaves and pick conkers in the autumn. A more extreme version involves running along all the park’s alleyways looking for playgrounds hidden among the greenery (hint: there are two). Now it’s time for lunch and a short siesta before a busy afternoon: we’re heading to the Błonia meadow (the city’s largest) and the Jordana park. The latter is home to large playgrounds for kids of all ages, playing fields, cycle paths and a skatepark. Finally we sleep floating over a pillow.

Duration: 3h, free, outdoors

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