Zakrzówek and Skałki Twardowskiego Rocks

os. Ruczaj / ul. Kapelanka / ul. Tyniecka


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Zakrzówek is one of the most beautiful sites used by divers in Poland, and the rocks surrounding it offer a wonderful panorama of Kraków. The water reservoir in Zakrzówek came into being in 1990, after a limestone quarry began to fill with water. Situated south-west of the city centre, it consists of two basins between an isthmus. Its banks are one of the favourite leisure spots of locals, nonetheless bathing is forbidden in its waters, which are only made available for divers. At depths ranging from 7 to 21 m (23 to 70 ft) you can see among others, a Fiat 125, a bus, a van, boats, and a former workers’ dressing room.

Clusters of boulders and rocky cliffs, known as Skałki Twardowskiego, intensively exploited by Kraków climbers and sailors, surround the reservoir. Plenty of climbing routes furnished with established anchors have been staked out here. The place is frequently visited by walkers and bikers who prefer wildlife to asphalt paths.

generally accessible

os. Ruczaj / ul. Kapelanka / ul. Tyniecka
About: disabled-friendly, admission free
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