Administrative Centre of the Steelworks and Bunkers

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The Administrative Centre of the ArcelorMittal Poland Steelworks (formerly the Vladimir Lenin Steelworks) also serves as the plant’s main gate. Modelled on Renaissance architecture, the building is sometimes known as Nowa Huta’s Vatican or Doge’s Palace. The ornate façade recalls Sukiennice in the Kraków’s Old Town!

Beyond the administrative building stretches out Poland’s largest factory, covering an area of almost ten square kilometres. The plant produces steel used in manufacturing, for example cars. Did you know that the byproduct of steel production known as slag has been used as a base under the paving stones of the Rynek Główny?

The Administrative Centre conceals an underground secret: nuclear bunkers built during the Cold War. The Małopolska Historical Association “Rawelin” has prepared three sightseeing routes revealing the interiors of Building Z – one of Poland’s most fascinating bunkers holding the preserved fittings of the Steelworks Command Post and a standard personnel bunker with an exhibition of Civil Defence equipment. They can be visited by prior arrangement (

ul. Ujastek 1
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