Dżok The Dog Monument

Bulwar Czerwieński


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Dżok the Dog was a black mongrel whose owner died of a heart attack near the Grunwaldzkie Roundabout. Over the months that followed, the dog waited for his master to return, surviving on snacks supplied by local residents. After about a year, he allowed himself to be taken in by a new owner; when she passed away, he wandered off, listlessly, to meet his end under a train.

The sculpture by the Cracovian artist Bronisław Chromy was unveiled in 2001 by a German shepherd named Kety. The caption proclaims, “Dżok the dog. The most trusty of all; a symbol of canine loyalty. He spent a year (1990-1991) at the Grunwaldzkie Roundabout awaiting his Master, who had died there.”

The story has been immortalised in books penned by Lidia Garczyńska and Barbara Gawryluk and a poem by Karol Kozłowski.

Bulwar Czerwieński
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