Salwatorski Cemetery

aleja Waszyngtona, Kraków


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A necropolis situated in Kraków, west of Salwator, in the Zwierzyniec district. After its consecration in 1856, this small cemetery initially served the local community. In 1888, in the wake of the endeavours of Sr Eufemia Żarska, Abbess of the nearby Premonstratensian Convent, a neo-Gothic Chapel of St Joseph was built here. The cemetery became the last resting place of many eminent Poles including theatre actor Juliusz Osterwa, poet and satirist Jan Sztaudynger, painter Andrzej Wróblewski, aviator Janusz Meissner, mathematical physicist Roman Stanisław Ingarden, and science fiction writer Stanisław Lem. In 2016 Andrzej Wajda, theatre and film director, winner of an Oscar, and great friend and citizen of Kraków, was buried here.

Thanks to its location at the foot of Sikornik (Blessed Bronisława) Hill, by the road to Kościuszko Mound, the cemetery is eagerly visited by locals and tourists alike. It commands a beautiful panorama of the city, and in good weather also of the Beskidy Mountains and the peaks of the Rocky Tatras.

aleja Waszyngtona, Kraków
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