Józefa 12

Józefa 12, Kraków


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The courtyard of the house at No. 12 is sometimes called “the most beautiful courtyard of Kazimierz”. Built in 1802 as an inn, 150 years later it hosted a branch of the Staromiejski Youth Culture Centre and was the favourite destination for children from Kazimierz. Today the empty space has been developed into café gardens, which now gives this place its special atmosphere.

The courtyard was the set for a number of productions, including Schindler’s List. We can see it when the Germans chase people out from their homes, and hurl their belongings down from the balconies. Running down the stairs is Rabbi Menasze Lewartow (Ezra Dragan), who takes his Ausweis from the ground. A few minutes later, Adam Levy (Adam Siemion), a little boy in the uniform of the Jewish Police Service hides Danka Dresner (Anna Mucha) and her mother Chaja (Miri Fabjan) in a niche under the stairs.

Józefa 12, Kraków
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