Under the Stag Mansion

Rynek Główny 36, Kraków


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This mansion, sometimes referred to as Ludwikowska to honour its 16-century owners, housed the famous Under the Stag Inn where Johann Wolfgang Goethe stayed from 5 to 7 September 1790. The poet cum scientist accompanied the Count de Reden and the Duke of Saxony and Weimar on their travels. Their primary goal was the exploration of the mines of Silesia, yet the gentlemen also visited the salt mine in Wieliczka. Although they only used Kraków as a base camp, a commemoration stone recording the stay of the great poet in our city is mounted into the wall of the house.

Goethe, however, published the first fragment of his splendid tragedy Faust, which he worked on to the end of his life, in the same year. The legendary Doctor Faust supposedly studied in Kraków, and during his short sojourn in the city, the German poet visited Kraków University to take a look at its mineral collections. Who knows, perhaps Goethe also went looking for traces of Faust in Kraków, or at least for inspiration to further his work on his timeless piece.

Rynek Główny 36, Kraków
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