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The Gothic-Renaissance mural presenting Our Lady of Consolation with Infant Jesus can be found in the Church of St Catherine (and Margaret). Enjoying particular devotion, it is probably the oldest miraculous image of Mary in Poland.
The late-Gothic painting dates back to the early 16th century and is situated in a chapel made from the cloister. The devotion has actively developed since the 17th century, when the painting was obscured with a huge altar, leaving only the faces of the Mother of God and Jesus to be seen by the congregation. Later the altar was liquidated and the whole painting could be seen again. In 2000, the image was crowned by Cardinal Franciszek Macharski.
On the 22nd day of every month, a special devotion to St Rita, the “Saint of the Roses” and patron saint in hopeless and difficult matters, and of mothers, orphans and widows was spread out here. This was done with especial commitment during the Second World War. At that time the figure of St Rita was placed in a side altar of the church. People arrived here from Poland and Europe to entreat and ask intercession from St Rita, especially in particularly difficult and hopeless matters, and the monthly services attract throngs carrying roses, the symbol of the saint.
It is also worth visiting the Chapel of Blessed Isaiah Boner (recognised as the Servant of God by the Church, yet locally known as blessed) recognised for piety and mercy for the poor. Isaiah died in 1471 in an aura of sanctity. He was buried in the Augustinian Church, and plentiful miracles have taken place by his grave. Plenty of people request his intercession to this day. His body was elevated from the grave and placed in the church, above floor level in 1633. Since that time the process of beatification was re-initiated a number of times (most recently in 1996), when a section of the cloister was separated into a mausoleum for Isaiah.

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