Nowa Huta Underground

os. Szkolne 37


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The shelter under the No. 3 Mechanical Education School Complex located at the housing estate Szkolne 37 is the first shelter made available within the Nowa Huta Underground tourist route. The plan for the project was based on the theory of heritage interpretation, which involves not only the transfer of knowledge but also inspiring the visitors by referring to their personal experiences. The shelters erected in the 1950s under the city of Nowa Huta (there were over 250 in total) were insufficient to protect the inhabitants against a nuclear attack. They only gave them a false but exceptionally desirable sense of safety.  The State of Emergency exhibition in the shelter located at the housing estate Szkolne 37 tells the story of an instinctive need to hide from danger, which is typical for both animals and people. The exhibition also outlines the most interesting protective structures around the world. The creators of the display not only provide visitors with information but also ask them questions by referring to their imagination, emotions and experiences.  

tickets PLN 16/12, family PLN 32

Opening times:
01 July - 31 August
Mon-Tue closed, Wed-Sun 10:00-17:00
os. Szkolne 37
12 446 78 21
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