Utopia House – International Empathy Centre

os. Szkolne 26


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Utopia House – International Empathy Centre is being established in the heart of the Szkolne housing estate of Kraków’s Nowa Huta district. It is a new project of the creators of the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre, who consider creating social capital based on joint action in a spirit of mutual understanding and tolerance to be the most important function of culture-forming spaces.

Utopia House will be established in an unused wing of the Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych nr 2 school complex, located in the Szkolne 26 housing estate, which is the very venue in which the Theatre has been presenting its artistic projects for the past couple of years. The facility will include a gallery, educational rooms, arts and crafts workshops and facilities for artists-in-residence. As part of this project, the Theatre’s usable space will increase by nearly 2,200 m2. Construction works to modernise the building will last until the end of 2020.

What will the Centre’s future programme include? Various artists will be invited to work on projects in the Nowa Huta area while the residents will be able to take part in local shows, debates, social university courses and creative workshops, during which everyone will have a chance to explore and deepen the bond between art and everyday life.

We strive to create a new, unique meeting place for everyone. A place of radical change and unexpected alliances. A place of collaboration, as well as the exchange of experience and empathy. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. The opening is scheduled for 2021.

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