Museum – Memorial Site of KL Plaszow in Kraków

ul. Jerozolimska 3


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Museum – Memorial Site of KL Plaszow in Kraków. German Nazi Labour and Concentration Camp (1942-1945) (in organization) initiated its operations on 1 January 2021 in line with a resolution adopted by the Kraków City Council. As an entity in organization, it is managed by the Kraków Museum.

The KL Plaszow Museum is established to preserve and manage the area once occupied by the Plaszow concentration camp. The new entity performs research and educational tasks aimed to commemorate the history of KL Plaszow and its victims. The institution will manage the post-camp area entered in the record of historical objects, and the historical building known as the Grey House.

ul. Jerozolimska 3
12 307 02 53
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