Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski

Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 7:00 PM

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  • Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 7:00 PM

In a virtuoso solo performance, Academy Award nominee David Strathairn (Good Night, and Good Luck, Lincoln, Nomadland) portrays Jan Karski in this genre-defying true story of a reluctant World War II hero and Holocaust witness.

After surviving the devastation of the Blitzkrieg, Karski swears allegiance to the Polish Underground and risks his life to carry the first eyewitness reports of war-torn Poland to the Western world and, ultimately, the Oval Office. Escaping a Gestapo prison, bearing witness to the despair of the Warsaw Ghetto and confronted by the inhumanity of a death camp, Karski endures unspeakable mental anguish and physical torture to stand tall in the halls of power and speak the truth. Strathairn captures the complexity and legacy of this self-described “insignificant, little man” whose timely story of moral courage and individual responsibility can still shake the conscience of the world.

Featuring David Strathairn as Jan Karski
Directed by Jeff Hutchens & Derek Goldman
Produced by Eva Anisko
Executive Producers Eva Anisko, Michael Anisko, Dan Logan
Written by Clark Young & Derek Goldman
Director of Photography Jeff Hutchens
Co-Producer Alexander Hyde
Co-Executive Producer Harlene Freezer
Edited by Brandon Bray
Music by Roc Lee

Variété Theatre

ul. Grzegórzecka 71

The Kraków Variété Theatre specialises in a very light repertoire, with especially musicals, music comedies, revues, and burlesque.

Kraków’s first music stage opened in 2015. It made its home in the former building of the Związkowiec (literally: “trade unionist”) cinema-theatre. It specialises in entertainment, especially musicals, music comedies, revues, and burlesque. From the day of its first premiere – the Legally Blonde musical – it has enjoyed a great deal of popularity among locals.

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