Jordan Park

al. 3 Maja / ul. Reymana / ul. Reymonta



Situated on the other side of the street from Kraków’s Błonia Common, the park was modelled on English landscape gardens, and it contains an irregular network of paths, flowerbeds, huge lawns, and a small pond.

It’s a very popular place for pottering about and whiling away an hour or two. Situated on its premises are large areas for children to let off steam, including playgrounds, cycle paths, and a skating ramp. You can also rent a boat, a bike or an electric car.

The patron of the park set up in 1889 is Dr Henryk Jordan, a promoter of sport among young people.

Opening times:
01 January - 31 March
Mon-Sun 6:00-20:00
01 April - 31 October
Mon-Sun 6:00-22:00
01 November - 31 December
Mon-Sun 6:00-20:00
al. 3 Maja / ul. Reymana / ul. Reymonta
12 633 74 80
About: disabled-friendly, admission free
For whom: for children
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