Misteria Paschalia: Flutes & Frets Duo

Friday, December 8, 2023, 6:00 PM

  • Friday, December 8, 2023, 6:00 PM

A winter meeting with early music at the Potocki Palace!

On 8 December, the Flutes & Frets Duo will take us on a musical journey through the ages. The concert will feature a variety of instruments that enable them to express the colours, gesture and emotions of repertoire from the medieval era through to contemporary. We are already getting closer to the Misteria Paschalia Festival 2024, however we still want to remain for a while in the festive athmosphere of the jubilee 20th instalment of the Misteria Paschalia Festival in 2023.

The Flutes & Frets Duo present intimate, magnetic performances that exploit the fragility and versatility of their ensemble. Enthusiastic about developing in knowledge, they are devoted to keeping primary sources at the core of their historically-informed approach to performance practice. Through researching and arranging music for their combination, they push the boundaries of repertoire creating imaginative and innovative programmes. Their December concert in Kraków will be not only a journey throughout the most influential courts and the most prestigious salons of the most important cities of Europe, but also a journey through the history of instruments. The repertoire of the concert comproses nearly 700 years and ranges from Renaissance flute and lute to contemporary flute and guitar.

The concert forms an epilogue of the 20th Misteria Paschalia Festival (4–16 April 2023).

Potocki Palace

Rynek Główny 20

The Potocki Palace at the Main Market Square is a space for culture in the very heart of Kraków. It serves as a hub of ideas, experience, dialogue, creativity and cooperation for Kraków cultural institutions, artists, local communities and NGOs.

From 2021, the hosts of the Potocki Palace have been the Krakow Festival Office, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery and COMPARE Bookstore.   

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