Odesa. The Long 20th Century in Art

Friday, May 17, 2024 - Sunday, September 1, 2024

  • Friday, May 17, 2024 - Sunday, September 1, 2024

The history of art in Odesa in the 20th century is a story of constant evolution, the search for national identity, composed of moments of triumph and trial, culminating in war, but also with hope for reconstruction and continuation of the creative heritage. It is presented in the latest exhibition of the International Cultural Center in Krakow.

Art in Odesa has always reflected the cultural richness, diverse influences and turbulent events that shaped the history of this region in the 20th century. Today, the city is on the front line, and most artistic initiatives were brutally interrupted by the outbreak of a full-scale war in 2022, which resulted in the destruction of many architectural monuments and works of art.

Exhibition presents works that talk about national identity and the role of art in the current war, as well as the arduous process of building the artistic canon and the spread of European art to the ends of the continent throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Through the prism of various nationalities and cultures, it presents history entire southern Ukraine.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a program of events, including meetings and debates on Ukrainian art, literature.

The exhibition contains content that may be inappropriate for minors or highly sensitive people.


International Cultural Centre

Rynek Główny 25

This historical mansion on the Main Market Square is more than just a place where research and educational projects are conducted, as it is an important venue for major presentations of art.

The International Cultural Centre (ICC), the first state institution of culture in Poland established after the fall of the Iron Curtain, was launched to support cultural integration in Europe and to carry out activities furthering the protection of cultural heritage. The scientific and educational projects conducted here, and the publications and exhibitions organised concern a vast array of questions from the essence of European civilisation, via national stereotypes, national identity in the face of globalisation, collective memory, the multiculturalism of Central and Eastern Europe, the place of Poland in Europe, to the cultural heritage and the new philosophy of its protection, and the phenomenon of a historical city. The institution has made its home in the modernised historical mansion in the Main Market Square. The ICC Gallery organises temporary exhibitions, frequently based on original phenomena in art and architecture of the previous century.

Tickets: normal PLN 15, concessions  PLN 10, family PLN 20


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