St Bartholomew's Church

ul. Klasztorna 11


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Although built in the Middle Ages, a time when artists often worked anonymously, its architect carved his full name and the year the edifice was built on the portal.

This little church is counted among the most precious examples of wooden architecture in Poland (and is an important site on the Wooden Architecture Route in Małopolska). It belongs to the Cistercian complex on the other side of the street. It was built for the congregation of Mogiła as the masonry church opposite was solely used by the monks. It is the more precious as, although built in the Middle Ages: a time when architects worked anonymously, its constructor carved his full name and the year of construction into the entry portal. This is how we know that it is a work of Maciej Mączka from 1466.

Inside, you can admire later, rococo murals and trompe-l'œil paintings: the high altar was painted directly onto the wall of the church.

ul. Klasztorna 11
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