The legend of the Rocks of Our Lady

A charming location in the Lasek Wolski Forest that holds a mystery: an underground convent, where nuns saved from a Tartar raid slumber.

There is a nature reserve called Skały Panieńskie, the Rocks of Our Lady, lying in the Lasek Wolski Forest, west of Błonia Common Green. According to legend, it was there that the Premonstratensian sisters escaped from the Tartars who invaded the convent in the 13th century. When the pursuers were on their heels, the sisters prayed for salvation, trying to avoid being dishonoured. They avoided ravishment, falling together with the rocks under the ground. Other versions of the legend had the sisters turn into rocks. Yet another version of the tale mentions a chamber hidden deep under the rocks, whither the saved Premonstratensian sisters gather for their prayers. Rumours claim that there was – at least until recently – a crack in the rocks, through which you could peek into the subterranean convent and see the nuns asleep.

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