Visit mediaeval Kraków with Pastguide app!

19 July 2016

It all seems kind of familiar: the Main Market Square, St Mary’s Church, St Adalbert’s Church, the Cloth Hall… But it’s all different all the same… Ah, we are in the Middle Ages!

Thanks to Pixel Legend’s app, you can play the geolocated 3D reconstruction from the past on your personal device. The app allows you to view how the visited place looked in the 14th century as the geolocated 3D scene. The basic version, available now for IOS and Android, presents the mediaeval architecture, in the future the system will also make the virtual vision more lively by adding people and events. So..., see you in Kraków in 1350!

Developed by Pixel Legend in cooperation with the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków and Krakow Festival Office, funded by the European Commission.
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