Nowa Huta Route

Means of transport

A living legend of communism, a hallmark development from the days when the watchful eye of Comrade Stalin kept vigil from the Kremlin. Yet Nowa Huta is worth a look from a different angle, as it is a well-designed, functional city with a long and at times dramatic history, reaching much further back than just the 1940s. It is here that the oldest example of the art of goldsmithry in Poland was found: an earring from around 2000 BC. It is here where we can marvel at one of the oldest churches in the city and the mysterious burial mound of the daughter of the legendary founder of the city. Although communist in its form, Nowa Huta captivates us with the richness of its content.

Nowa Huta is easily reachable and navigable by municipal transport. Should you feel hungry, let yourself be transported into “the heyday of Polish communism” in the Stylowa Restaurant that has operated here since 1956.

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