His Highness’ Kraków

Means of transport

Savour a bird’s-eye view of Kraków! Well, almost: whereas birds quite naturally take off and soar into the air, we’ll have to do a little bit of good old climbing.:) But it’s worth it, as the best vantage points in Kraków not only offer splendid panoramas of the city but, if the weather is good and your luck is in – a glimpse of the Tatra Mountains standing just a hundred kilometres away.

We’ll climb the tower of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary (315 stairs, but just in case there’s also a lift!), the taller tower of Saint Mary’s, and the Town Hall Tower (only 239 and 110 steps respectively, albeit very high ones). Both the towers are only accessible in the summer season. The Sigismund Tower in Wawel Castle (with the de rigueur touching of the clapper of the Sigismund Bell for luck), and finally the man-made mounds: of Krakus, Kościuszko, Piłsudski.

The ambitious can manage them all in one day, we suggest it as a two-day tour: after all, there’s plenty of climbing, let’s be kind to our knees! Moreover, it will be necessary to use some form of transport: public, bike, or car.

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