MICET Interactive Museum / Theatre Education Center

ul. Jagiellońska 1



The MICET Interactive Museum / Theatre Education Centre at the National Stary Theatre relies on interactive applications to make the visitor familiar with the fascinating history of this Polish theatre, an exceptional place that inspires and develops the imagination. The 13th-century cellars hold stage props and costumes, directors’ libraries, and unique theatre applications. They move you between tradition and experiment, craft and new technologies, letting you learn (and create!) theatre from the perspective of its director, actor, set and costume designer, and soundtrack artists in selected productions. You’re welcome to publish the videos you’ve taken, recordings of improvised acting, musical remixes, and murals for the sets, online.

Tickets: normal PLN 12, concessions PLN 8

Opening times:
Mon closed, Tue-Sun 11:30-19:30
ul. Jagiellońska 1
12 422 06 38
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