Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Jesuit)

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Built early in the 20th century to the design of Franciszek Mączyński, in its external guise the church makes reference to medieval basilicas of Kraków, and with the internal decoration – to early Christian houses of worship. It offers an interesting example of the combination of Kraków modernism with neo-Romanesque and neo-Gothic motifs.

One of the largest churches in Kraków (52 × 19 m / 170 × 62 ft), it is surmounted by a 68 m (223 ft) tall tower. The church was built in 1909–12 and finished and delivered to the congregation after the close of the First World War, and it was consecrated in 1921. Welcoming the visitors is a stone sculpture of Christ extending his arms from above the main portal, a work of Xawery Dunikowski. The exceedingly colourful and atmospheric decor of the interior consists of polychrome murals, mosaics, and stucco decorations. The eye is especially attracted to the 30-metre-long mosaic frieze over the high altar presenting Polish saints and the blessed paying homage to Christ, and the nation led by their royal highnesses Ladislaus Jagiełło and St Jadwiga. Worth our attention among the other representations are the figures of St Christopher and a mounted St Longinus, piercing the side of Jesus on the cross.

ul. Kopernika 26
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