The legend of the Krzysztofory treasure

There is a labyrinth of chambers, cellars and corridors under the Krzysztofory Mansion on the Main Market Square, hiding away untold treasures. What’s more, a devil guards over them!

There is a true labyrinth of cellars and corridors under the Krzysztofory Palace, where Szczepańska Street meets the Main Square. Some say that it stretches under the entire square, reaching even the vaults of St Mary’s Church. The legend claims that the Wizard Twardowski used the maze to store his gold which he guarded by a devil. The only person actually to have seen the devil was the cook who ventured into the dungeons lured by a rooster. When, after a long search, the miserable woman found it in the dungeons, the bird turned into the devil. He promised the woman a pot of gold. There was only one condition she had to meet, and that was not to turn her head round on her way back from the dungeons. Naturally, curiosity took the upper hand and the woman did turn back, so that the gold turned into dust. Some believe that there is still plenty of treasure in the dungeon... and a devil who guards it!

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