The legend of the bugle call from St Mary’s

The bugle call became the sonic symbol of Kraków and it resounds to this day: it is played to the north, south, east and west every hour of the day. Yet, why does the melody break mid-note?

Centuries ago, there was a watcher in the tower who played the bugle call at sunrise and sunset, thus giving the signal to open and close the city gates. Played at other times, the bugle call would act as a warning signal. A Mongol army arrived at the gates in 1241. The watchful guard noticed the enemy and warned the townspeople in good time, so that the gates were shut before they arrived. The city was saved, yet before he finished the melody, he was lethally hit by a Tartar arrow. To commemorate the event, the melody always breaks in mid-note where the brave watcher finished many centuries ago.

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