When you’re in Kraków, make sure you reach for the apps introducing the city, its customs and events. They’ll help you discover new places and fascinating events, and they will guide you through the city. Kraków’s monuments speak for themselves!

Krakó lists essential descriptions of sites of interest, churches, monuments and streets of the Old Town. It also provides up-to-date public transport information, emergency numbers and local news.

Kraków for people with disabilities is an essential guide to Kraków featuring information on accessibility to people using wheelchairs and support for people with impaired sight and/or hearing.

Krakow Travel Guide is an interactive guide to Kraków and its surrounding areas. The app includes a broad range of sites of interest, activities, restaurants, bars etc.

Krakow Map and Walks is an app which presents several self-guided walking tours to see the best of Krakow.

PastGuide is a digital time machine. The app reveals Kraków as it looked centuries ago and introduces popular historical figures.

Traseo helps you find tourist trails and record your own routes, and provides offline access to official maps. Let’s go!

Kraków pod ręką will help you to travel around Kraków! With this application you can see the position of trams on the map and check when they will arrive at the stop.

Cracow in Green helps you discover green areas in your neighbourhood and learn where you can airily spend your free time. Stroll, exercise, visit, relax...

Skarby Blisko Krakowa application enables you to discover the most beautiful places in the region, set off for an unforgettable trip away from the city bustle, discover the wealth of the nearby tourist attractions.

Szlaki Turystyczne Małopolski presents all hiking trails located in the Małopolska region and information about 1800 objects of interesting sightseeing and nature places near trails.


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