Short-term parking for tourist coaches

Short-term parking (up to 10 minutes) for tourist coaches in the parking bays (stops) delineated in the centre of Kraków are designed only for the vehicles transporting organised groups of tourists, i.e. with a representative of the event/tour organiser (as specified in Art. 30 section 1 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on tourist services; Journal of Laws of 2014 item 196). The short-term parking bays (stops) for tourist coaches are marked with D-18a sign (car park – restricted space) and an information plaque in Polish “Wyłącznie dla autokarów turystycznych. Postój maks. 10 min.” (i.e. “solely for tourist coaches, maximum stop time 10 minutes”).

  1. The coach driver may use a stop only to bring or collect his group of tourists.
  2. While the vehicle is not in motion, its engine must be switched off.
  3. To keep the traffic flowing, the driver must leave the stop as soon as the passengers have left/entered the coach. Maximum stop time is 10 minutes.

There are 8 short-term parking bays for tourist coaches in Kraków:

  1. pl. Matejki (2 parking lots)
  2. ul. Dajwór (1 parking lot)
  3. ul. Na Zjeździe, in both directions: by the pl. (Square) Bohaterów Getta (1 parking lot) and by the buildingat the beginning of ul. Lwowska (1 parking lot)
  4. al. Daszyńskiego (2 parking lots)
  5. ul. Pawia (3 parking lots), between ul. Worcella and ul. Kurniki
  6. ul. Wielopole (1 parking lot)
  7. ul. Podgórska, from the side of the Vistula River (2 parking lots)
  8. ul. Powiśle 11, at the foot of the Wawel Hill (2 parking lots), paid in/out terminal, max. 15 min.

Rules of the use and plan of the short-term parking bays for tourist coaches

After the coach has left the short-term parking bay, please use one of the coach car parks:

  • ul. Powiśle 11, at the foot of the Wawel Hill (20 parking lots + in/out stop)
  • al. 3-go Maja (Henryk Reyman City Stadium)
  • ul. ul. Reymonta 22 (Henryk Reyman City Stadium)
  • ul. Kopernika, by the Domu Turysty PTTK hotel (7 parking lots)
  • ul. Kamienna 2-4, PWI VINFORT (3 parking lots during the day / 10 parking lots during the night)
  • ul. Kamienna 8 (60 parking lots)
  • ul. Karmelicka 26
  • ul. Turowicza 9 (60 parking lots)
  • ul. Motarskiego, Łagiewniki, for pilgrims only (20 parking lots)
  • ul. Lema 7, Tauron Arena Kraków (10 parking lots, after previous booking tel. 739 455 634)
  • ul. Wita Stwosza, by the Home Army Museum (50 parking lots)
  • ul. Podgórska, by the Galeria Kazimierz shopping centre, lay bay (2-3 parking lots, city parking tariff applies)

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