Green Kraków

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When it drizzles, one heads for a walk to Planty Park (…), while when the weather is clement to Błonia Meadows (…) or the Wolski Forest. (...) Last autumn I walked through Planty and counted all the shadows accompanying me along the way. But there are other shadows in Kraków, too: in springtime, they are beautiful, bearing the colours of late May leaves. (...) If you haven’t spent May in Kraków, you don’t know what May is. Chestnut leaves and blooms, pinned everywhere in the old architecture, are simply intoxicating.

These words are Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz’s recollections of his visit to Kraków in his Travels to Poland. But the capital of Małopolska isn’t just full of monuments and antique architecture; it’s also filled with open spaces perfect for rest and relaxation: urban and landscape parks, forests, gardens, meadows and green squares. Kraków’s unique location makes it a perfect spot for exploring the natural world and discovering rare and protected plants and animals.

Join us for a three-day exploration of green Kraków where we’ll discover the city’s hidden natural gems.

On the first day we take a look at the city’s gardens. We start our journey in Kraków’s Botanical Garden. Next we head for a wander in Planty Park, encircling the Old Town along the former mediaeval city walls, and take a peek into the gardens of the Czapski and Mehoffer museums. At the end of the day we unwind among the greenery of the historic gardens of Wawel Castle.

The second day is for seasoned walkers. We start by visiting the beautifully renovated Krakowski Park, then wander to Jordana Park and then walk along Błonia Meadows to the Kościuszko Mound. From there we head to the Decjusz Park, Kraków’s oldest public green space, and onwards to the Piłsudski Mound. If you’re still craving more, finish your day exploring Kraków’s beautiful zoo.

We finish the third day with a family walk in Podgórze. Starting from Bednarski Park, we head to the Lasoty Hill and visit the fort and church of St. Benedict. Next we cross over the Bernatka Footbridge and admire the beautiful city panorama from the top of the Krak Mound. We finish our walk at the former Płaszów concentration camp.

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