Green Kraków by bike for children

Means of transport

The capital of Małopolska isn’t just full of monuments and antique architecture; it’s also filled with open spaces perfect for rest and relaxation. Due to Kraków’s specific geography, its urban parks, forests, gardens, meadows and green squares provide the perfect habitat for rare plants and animals and picturesque landscapes. Join us for a bicycle adventure through green Kraków, showing off the wealth of the city’s environmental jewels.

We start at Poland’s oldest Botanical Garden, welcoming visitors for almost 250 years! It is home to fifty species of palms, carnivorous plants, Biblical plants and Poland’s oldest collection of cycadales. After this solid dose of oxygen, let’s hop on our bikes and zoom to the Beach Harbour on the banks of the Vistula to give our tired legs a break. Recuperated, we take the Vistula Boulevards towards the Podgórze district. We cross the river on the Fr. Bernatek Footbridge to admire the incredible sculptures by Jerzy Kędziora, seemingly defying the laws of physics and floating in mid-air. From there it’s just a short hop to the Wojciech Bednarski Park, created on the site of a mediaeval quarry as a bird sanctuary to myriad species including the great spotted woodpecker, yellow wagtail, robin and black redstart. We ride back towards the river to the Florian Nowacki Park – a river park situated at the confluence of the Wilga and the Vistula on the site of a former mediaeval royal pond with a playground and a pocket park. It’s a perfect spot to rest and regain strength, before the next, longer ride along the boulevards all the way to Dębnicki Park with its picturesque avenues, benches and wooden bridges. The bike tour of Kraków culminates at the nearby Villages of the World – Global Education Park. There’s a traditional village from Ghana, a Peruvian cottage, Native American tepee, Arctic igloo, Mongolian yurt and a Papuan hut on stilts.

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