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Nativity Scene Competition

13 July 2016

On the first Thursday in December participants gather at the statue of Adam Mickiewicz at the Rynek Główny to set off on a colourful pageant after the midday hejnał call. Cracovian...

Wianki and St John’s Fair

13 July 2016

On last Saturday in June , the Vistula boulevards resound with music and beautiful, colourful garlands flow down the river. As with many other traditions, the origins of the Wianki festival date...


13 July 2016

Once a year, on the Thursday following Corpus Christi , crowds gather in the courtyard of the Premonstratensian Convent . Everyone is waiting for the main hero of the day – Lajkonik, or the...

Enthronement of the Fowler King, and the Fowler Brotherhood

13 July 2016

The roots of the organisation extend most probably to the late 13th or early 14th century. Its best known customs that the Fowler brotherhood developed throughout the centuries include the election...


13 July 2016

Each year, on Tuesday after Easter the Krakus Mound turns into a mediaeval village and a ground for knights’ duels. The name of the Rękawka festival is thought to originate from the...

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