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In the Footsteps of John Paul II

3 days

Almost wherever you turn in Kraków, mementos of Pope John Paul II can be found. Beginning with the course in Polish Studies that the young Karol Wojtyła began in 1938, through the turmoil of the war, to the time of his later pastoral duties,...

Quintessential Kraków

3 days

To visit Kraków and not go to the Main Market Square!? And how about St Mary’s Church? Wawel? No time for Kazimierz!? The list below names the real must-sees, which you cannot really fail to visit while in Kraków, and we, as...

Nowa Huta Route

1 day

A living legend of communism, a hallmark development from the days when the watchful eye of Comrade Stalin kept vigil from the Kremlin. Yet Nowa Huta is worth a look from a different angle, as it is a well-designed, functional city with a long and...

Royal Route

1 day

For centuries, this route has been followed by monarchs returning after victorious battles, bishops assuming office, envoys from foreign lands, and the funeral corteges of great Poles. This historic route leads along Floriańska Street, crosses the...

His Highness’ Kraków

2 days

Savour a bird’s-eye view of Kraków! Well, almost: whereas birds quite naturally take off and soar into the air, we’ll have to do a little bit of good old climbing.:) But it’s worth it, as the best vantage points in...

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