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Kraków – the City of Stanisław Wyspiański

25 May 2017

Icon of the City Barcelona has Gaudi, Prague has Mucha, Vienna has Klimt, and Kraków has Wyspiański. The Polish artist, printmaker and dramatist is a true icon of Kraków...

Beksiński in Kraków

27 September 2016

On 8 October , the permanent Zdzisław Beksiński Gallery opens in Kraków. Paintings, drawings and photos by the artist who passed away in 2005 from the private collection of Anna and...

Visit mediaeval Kraków with Pastguide app!

19 July 2016

It all seems kind of familiar: the Main Market Square, St Mary’s Church, St Adalbert’s Church, the Cloth Hall… But it’s all different all the same… Ah, we are in the...

All Around Nativity Scenes. Walking in Kraków

5 January 2018

Welcome to the guide to the third walk All Around Nativity Scenes. This year’s event comes under the banner Nativity Scene-Makers for Our City and Our Country , recalling the centenary of...

Let’s Play Kraków!

7 July 2016

The inventive, colourful map tells the city’s most fascinating stories in Polish and English.  The Official City Game Let’s Play Kraków takes participants to the most...

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