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Literary walk: Wawel-Kazimierz-Podgórze

1 day

A literary walk from Wawel to Kazimierz and Podgórze covers places of memory, literary clubs and cafés, and modern projects promoting literature in the public arena. The Crypt of Poet-Prophets in Wawel Cathedral is the burial place of...

In the footsteps of Schindler’s List

1 day

In the 1990s, Kraków became the set of Schindler’s List, winner of eight Academy Awards and one of Steven Spielberg’s most famous films. Its plot takes place in locations that are nearly entirely authentic. The crew managed to...

Film Kraków

1 day

Kraków has long been an important location on the film map of Poland. The historic character of the centre, preserved in a nearly untouched state, makes it a natural background for historical films. Yet there is more than that! History...

On the wings of enchanted pigeons

1 day

“Mum, I’m too tired to go any further…” “OK, dear – shall we have a race to the next square?” “Yay!” Children’s energy seems boundless. They just need a few minutes’ rest and...

UNESCO World Heritage in Małopolska

6 days

What makes the sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List stand apart is their “outstanding universal value” and being part of the shared heritage of humanity. Additionally, they must meet at least one of the ten criteria, for...

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