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Walking around Nowa Huta

1 day

We set out on a brisk walk to explore Nowa Huta – Kraków’s youngest district. But that’s only partially true! People have been living here since prehistoric times: the oldest human artefacts discovered by archaeologists...

Green Kraków

3 days

When it drizzles, one heads for a walk to Planty Park (…), while when the weather is clement to Błonia Meadows (…) or the Wolski Forest. (...) Last autumn I walked through Planty and counted all the shadows accompanying me along...

The Traces of Independence

3 days

In the 18th century, Poland lost its independence during the three bouts of partitioning (in 1772, 1793, and 1795) and had its territory divided between three neighbouring powers: Russia, Prussia, and Austria. After the last partition Poland...

Holy places in Kraków

3 days

Kraków – the place of birth and activity of bygone and contemporary saints, the most beloved city of the Polish Pope, and the world’s centre of devotion to Divine Mercy. The churches built here for centuries, images of saints...

Literary walk: Old Town

1 day

Kraków, UNESCO City of Literature, has plenty of attractions associated with famous writers, books, and what is broadly construed as literary life on offer. A trip into the literary city centre is not only an option for avid readers and...

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