Musica Divina 2021: Iosqvinvs

Tuesday, August 3, 2021 - Saturday, August 7, 2021

  • Tuesday, August 3, 2021 - Saturday, August 7, 2021

This year’s Musica Divina sacral music festival has an exceptional patron, whose spirit watches over its programme and events.

“This year we want to host five concerts centred around Josquin des Prez to mark 500 years since the composer’s passing”, says Łukasz Serwiński, artistic director of Musica Divina festival. “Since Musica Divina takes place in Kraków – an important centre of early music – we want to present Josquin’s work in the context of Poland and the city. We have reached for collections held at the archive of Wawel Cathedral: works by Cracovian and Polish contemporaries of Josquin. We are exploring the cycle Musica in Ecclesia Cathedrali Cracoviensi Audita published by Musica Iagellonica, featuring music by little-known Polish composers including Tomasz Szadek, Marcin Paligon, Krzysztof Borek and Walenty Gawara”, he adds.

So how does the music by the most prominent composer of the turn of the 16th century sound like? What did it borrow from and lend to the works of Josquin’s contemporary? Check out during the Musica Divina festival!

3 August 2021 | 8:30pm
St Anne’s Church
Josquin’s Cradle: Burgundian Music in Josquin’ Youth
Sollazzo Ensemble

4 August 2021 | 8:30pm
St Florian's Church
Hidden Throughout the Ages – Liturgical and Poetic Songs of Old Russia

5 August 2021 | 8:30pm
Piarist Church
In the Divine Chamber: Josquin’s Tablature Code to Playing and Singing
| En el Divino Aposento: Iusquin en cifras, para cantar y tañer
Armonía Concertada

6 August 2021 | 8:30pm
St Anne’s Church
Ave Maris Stella – Mediaeval and Contemporary Paths to the Polyphony
Anna Maria Friman & Helena Ek with festival ensemble

7 August 2021 | 8:30pm
Corpus Christi Church
Josquin in Europe. Exploring Connections Between Polish and European Early Music
The Gesualdo Six

Admission free to all concerts, entry cards obligatory: [CLICK]

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