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15 March 2020

Due to the ongoing epidemic of the coronavirus in Poland, all museums and galleries in Kraków remain closed until 25 March. But fear not – it doesn’t mean you can’t experience the greatest treasures of Cracovian culture! Growing numbers of cultural institutions in the city are making their collections available online as virtual galleries and digital catalogues.
As well as some of the most popular masterpieces associated with Kraków, such as Lady with an Ermine, you will find virtual treasure troves including artworks unfamiliar to many tourists visiting museums in the city.
Get ready for an online exploration of museums, galleries, art depositories and archives!

Virtual Museums in Małopolska
– the website brings together over 1200 digitalised exhibits from 42 collections in Małopolska, including 20 in Kraków (including Cricoteka, the Bunkier Sztuki Art Gallery, Wawel Cathedral, MOCAK, Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Photography, Museum of Municipal Engineering, Museum of Kraków, Manggha Museum, National Museum and Wawel Royal Castle). PL/EN

Wawel Royal Castle
 – accompanied by Renaissance music, take a virtual walk around Wawel Hill and visit the Arcaded Courtyard and both floors of Wawel Royal Castle (Private Apartments and Royal Chambers), and admire 87 paintings from the Lanckoroński Collection (13th-17th centuries). PL/EN 

National Museum in Krakow
130,000 artworks from the collection of Poland’s oldest and largest national museum. The vast catalogue includes paintings, sculptures, prints, arts and crafts, military and numismatic items, photos, memorabilia and archival items, including the most precious items organised into 23 themed galleries. You will also find essays penned by museum employees dedicated to selected artists, items and phenomena in the arts. PL/EN

MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków
 – you can see artworks from MOCAK’s Collections and Galleries, arranged by author or technique, presented on the museum’s e-gallery page. PL/EN 

Catalogue of artistic and scientific collections of the Polish Academy of Learning
– you will find iconographic art collections from the Illustration Room made available in the public domain. They include Poland’s most precious collection of early prints, introducing the history of the technique in Europe from the late 15th century until the late 19th century (including works by Hartmann Schedl and Martin Schongauer, artworks by Albrecht Dürer and prints from the Netherlands, England and Poland). The catalogue also includes a collection of photos from the turn of the 20th century from the Lanckoroński Photo Collection. PL/EN

You will find the latest information on Kraków’s artworks being published online on EXHIBITIONS.

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