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Alchemy of Theatre

16 February 2023

At a time when theatre is largely driven by the spoken word, Materia Prima opens up an infinite world of the imagination where anything is possible! Justyna Skalska Kraków Culture ...

Sacrum and Profanum

15 January 2023

In 2023, we are marking the centenary of the birth of Jerzy Nowosielski – one of the greatest creators of contemporary Polish culture who spent most of his life in Kraków. ...

Christmas Lights

7 December 2022

In the runup to Christmas, magic grows all around us – and its charm is especially powerful in Kraków! Things kick off in mid-November at the Main Market Square: the distinctive...

Fortified Heritage

21 November 2022

“But where even is this Kraków Fortress?” Cracovians frequently ask. They’re surprised to hear that it’s not just a single place, and that you can find it in...

Tamara de Lempicka – Creating Herself

17 November 2022

What happens when I look at a painting I’ve seen thousands times printed on serviettes, notebooks and menu covers? Do my eyes gloss over it, or quite the opposite – I’m so familiar...

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