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All-Dancing Kraków

17 July 2023

As Hervé Kay once said, “You can dance anywhere; that's the beauty of dance.” This year’s two dance festivals in Kraków remind us what a timeless and boundless...

Splashing Out

6 July 2023

Summer in the City Summer in the city accompanied by small children can bring any parent out in a sweat.  Text: powsinogi.eu When the thermometer hits 35C, the urban...

Always Present – Miłosz Festival commemorates Adam Zagajewski

1 July 2023

The 2023 Miłosz Festival celebrates the influence of Adam Zagajewski and shines a light on the role of poetry in difficult times. Two guests of the festival and past students of Zagajewski’s...

Isaac's Dream

27 June 2023

Kraków is like cholent: you can sample a little or dive straight in, cutting through the layers into the depths of history. Each story about Kraków’s Kazimierz district starts...

Invigorating Spirit

26 June 2023

It’s true that “The spirit blows where it will,” but this year the direction seems obvious. The invigorating wind blows us back to Szeroka Street where people of all denominations...

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