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Making the Most of Our Potential

6 May 2021

We talk to Robert Piaskowski about local and international significance of Kraków’s culture. Grzegorz Słącz: Has Kraków got a guaranteed position as a global cultural...

The magic of music – online

20 April 2021

I always await this moment with bated breath: the rustles, whispers and murmurs pipe down in the audience, and the oboist gives the orchestra the tuning note of A, resounding at 440 Hz. The...

Looking for a place to stay in? Check it with the eKON app

26 March 2021

Looking for a place to stay in? Check it with the eKON app   Kraków is the first city in Poland to offer a modern tool for keeping the records of non-hotel lodging facilities,...

Playing live again!

8 February 2021

The Kraków Philharmonic and the Kraków Opera reopen for audience! According to the new rules imposed by the Polish government the music institutions may organise concerts and...

January Karnet

14 January 2021

2021 brings brand-new challenges and great hopes of returning to cultural life – in a stronger, more experienced format! This year’s celebrations of the centenary of the birth of...

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